Now Available: Echelon: Jekyll and Hyde

One week after being Deleted from the Human Race, Griffin is still trying to find his place on a team of powerful people he barely knows. Stripped of his home, his job, and his Identity; he finally begins to make full use of his newfound power and near-infinite knowledge. Where once he wanted nothing more than to go back to his normal life, he now has to face the fact that he may never go back... and may not want to anymore.

Hunted by criminals, and haunted by what's left of the life he left behind, Griffin is still in training, while the rest of Team Echelon investigate the loss of one of their own.

Meanwhile, drawing his plans against Echelon, Dorian Hawke is recruiting the sharpest minds, and the most cunning soldiers to join him in a secret conspiracy of wealth and power that will shake the foundations of the modern world, and give him ultimate dominion over the globe.

Echelon: Jekyll and Hyde is the second book in the exciting Echelon Series; a daring Technothriller that takes a look at the world of today... and how it can easily grow into the world of tomorrow.

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