Welcome Back Diner, Now on Amazon

"A heartwarming tale straight out of the Twilight Zone..."

Everyone has a favorite neighborhood Diner. Tobias was just a kid when he found his, and it saved his life. He was never able to find his way back again, no matter how hard he looked. But whenever times were hard and his future uncertain, he'd suddenly find it was suddenly just there for him. Full of impossible people and incredible memories, The Welcome Back Diner always had a table reserved, just for him and the most important people in his life.

With a waitress who seems to know everything about him, and food that would bring any food critic to tears of happiness; the Diner was a magical place. One that would change his life forever.

But through love and career and broken friendships, Tobias knows that there's always one place where he'll always be Welcome Back.


The Welcome Back Diner was a short story I wrote, and published on this very blog in multiple chapters. But after receiving some positive feedback, I decided to try publishing a Collected Edition as my first short story for Kindle.

Here it is, in it's complete form for the first time, with an all new cover; for just 99c. (The cheapest I could make it, I promise.)

After less than a day on the Kindle Store, this story broke the Top 900 in the 90-Minute Reads Category, and the Top 3000 in the Short Story Category of the Amazon Best Seller's List.

Follow This Link to the Welcome Back Diner, In Complete Ebook Format.

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