Read To Me (And Other Stories) Now Available on Amazon

Mister Fix-It:
The Trial of the Century begins without anyone knowing it, as a man is accused of stealing and dealing 'expert skills', like they were any other Drug. Nobody believes it;s possible... at first.

The Welcome Back Diner:
For his entire life, Tobias has had a favorite Diner. But it only appears when he needs it. With and impossible cast of characters and food that can change lives; it's good to know there's one place where he'll always be Welcome Back.


In a world where ships sail the sky instead of the ocean, it is the Sacred Duty of the Lighthouse Keepers to keep them all in the air as they chart their course across the treacherous mountains. But that doesn't mean there's no room for adventure, or a little business on the side...

Read To Me:

A young boy who cannot read, and a young girl who cannot understand fingerpaints. but together, connected by something they don't understand, they show each other a wonderful, creative world. But when tragedy strikes, this lifelong partnership is put to the ultimate test...

Four Short Stories of the Speculative and Wild. 
(And if you're not sure, you can read them first!)


Now Available On Amazon in Kindle Edition, and Paperback Format, four short stories in one convenient anthology. All the excitement and awesomeness of the stories you already know and love, but now made of Dead Trees! If you've been putting off buying these tales, you can now get them all at once (With a 25% saving on the digital format).