"Dear Chloe,"

"Dear Chloe, 

My Supplies Are Gone! The water, the matches, dry clothes… The Food! It's all gone! 
I figure it's three hundred miles from the last place someone saw me or my car enough to identify me… And it’s a good bet nobody even knows I’m in danger.

Oh god, Chloe; I’m going to die up here."


No tools. No food. No help.

Sam was on his way Far North to spend the winter with a loved one; but disaster on his trip leaves him miles from civilization. Forced to fend for himself in the deep wilderness, his only way out is to complete the journey he started.

He has nothing but the clothes on his back. With miles of rugged terrain ahead, lethal cold, and a hostile predator stalking his every step, Sam will be tested in ways he's never had to face before.

His only companion on this long journey is his journal, in which he keeps the record of his ordeal, and pours his heart out to the woman he loves; and must find his way to, if he is to have any hope of survival.

From the Author of ‘The Lostkind’ and ‘The Ark-Hive’, “Dear Chloe,” is an exciting story of survival and adventure.


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