Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Stream Of Consciousness

Page One.

It's a fact that I rather enjoy writing. It's always been a hobby.

It's also a fact that I hardly ever throw anything away. As a result, I try to keep things organized, at least in my head and on paper. So when I try to write something down, I put it with other things on the same subject.

This however, can be a trap, because if I have something that doesn't fit into my usual categories, I don't really know what to do with it.

It's the same problem as writing in an actual hard-copy Journal. It's a useful skill to have, keeps a record of things you'd never consider important until much later, clears out the cobwebs that life seems to build up in your brain; but most people I know, (And of course, this may just be me) don't see their lives as particularly interesting.

The Internet is the ultimate forum to take things that most people don't care about and keep them organized with other, like-minded people.

Thus far, I managed to avoid the full scope of the Digital Age Madness. I do not have a Facebook page, I am not on iTunes. I do not Twitter, and thus far, have managed to avoid even owning a Blackberry.

But now I have a blog.

I really couldn't tell you why. It's like watching Big Brother.  Nobody really finds day to day life interesting. Putting it under glass and severely limiting what happens in day to day life doesn't really enhance the experience that much.

So why do it?

Well, you never know where an idea can go, or a phrase will resurface. I've always had the kind of memory where a line from a TV show can stay in my arsenal for conversations, where a paragraph of information will not. If I had hoped to gain anything from this exercise, it's only that someone may find something that interests them, that they never thought of before.

There are blogs about certain topics, focused on the same theme. This won't be one of them. The reason I never started one before, was that I never really had much to say. But I have things that I notice. I have ideas. Things that happen day to day, everybody sees them just a little bit differently to each other. Sometimes a lot.

That's why I named it 'Stream Of Consciousness.'On any given day, I really couldn't tell you where my mind will go.

Don't come back expecting to read a follow-up to what I put down today. The subject will jump outrageously from post to post, because I have the attention span of a goldfish at the very best of times. But maybe somebody will read this, and enjoy it. I hope so.