Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Echelon: Invisible Man


You live in a world without privacy. Your secrets are available to anyone who knows how to look. This is an inconvenient fact of life that everyone has learned to live with, and ignore.

Griffin cannot ignore it any longer. He sees every message, every record. Your bank accounts, your emails, your entire life story is completely open to him. A casual look can give him your every secret moment. He never wanted this ability. He never expected to get it. But now he can't escape it, because he is surrounded by sinister forces intent on taking advantage of his view of the world around him. As he fights to understand the power he has been given, he will need all his skill and strength to answer the questions that chase him into his new life.

Griffin can see anything. Griffin can find out anything about anyone. Griffin doesn't exist.

And he is not alone.

Echelon: Invisible Man is a thrilling adventure story taken directly from today's headlines. The first book in the Echelon series, available only on Amazon.