Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Dalek Day!

Happy Doomsday everyone!

The 21st of December is of course slated as the end of the world. Being in Australia; the 21st is almost over; so I can say that the sun rose; and the sun has (Almost) set as it always did.

Those of us who understand; those of us who know, are aware what this means. For those who follow the exploits of The Man With The Blue Box; this Marked Day of Destruction has a special meaning, and warning.

21st December! The Daleks first made their appearance on screen on the 21st December 1963.

Hence the date has been declared International Dalek Remembrance Day!

The sceptics and the naysayers will scoff at this; the way they did the certainty of solar flares; massive quakes, and spontaneous combustion of the earth. But those of us who know; do not take the Dalek lightly. No army of Man or Alien can undo the machinations of the Exterminators; for they are a plague of Anti-Life that has swept across the vast expanses of the universe.

There is no science of man that can predict them; no NASA expert that would be able to warn of it; nor any army on earth that could hold them back.

There is however a man. A remarkable man that has stood alone against the Great Space Dustbin's; fighting them back across billions of light-years, and aeons of time. He has promised that protection for the earth; and the Fury of The Time Lord sweeps away any who try to move against his favourite place.

The sceptics will say that when this day came and went; there was no massive event; because the Mayan prophecy was a myth.

But of course; The Children of Time know the truth.

The Doctor always speaks the truth to his Companions, and he is not one to mince words about the end of the world. At the discovery of yet another scheme to tear down the human race; The Doctor would give warning, just in case. And so the now Infamous Calender was drawn and carved... and after six thousand years history became story; then story became legend, and then legend became myth...

But hidden in the walls of the Ancient Halls; where the soothsayers looked across the Ether and saw the truths hidden from the cold unnatural tools of modern science; there is, hidden by obscurity, the proof of what truly happened; and what inspired that ancient warning of doom for all mankind.

On International Dalek Remembrance Day; the monsters no doubt turned their inhuman glowing eyes toward our Pale Blue Dot; as have so invaders many before them. For two Combatants that can step between millennia as easy as both our Invaders, and our Defenders can do... what is that amount of time?

But the sun rose; and the sun set; and those of us who know the truth, also know why the world kept spinning, as it has for so many days before. 

This is not a lone voice of madness; for there are many more of us who stand and speak with open gratitude to a man who has done so much; lost so much; and fought so hard against Nightmares, with nary a word of gratitude in return. To all those who know the story of The Doctor ("Doctor?" I hear you ask. "+Doctor Who ?") this is a special day; when the Human Race escapes the Wrath of the Daleks, once again.

And so I close with the immortal words of Jackson Lake, a man who knows the particulars of being a Time Lord better than any of us:

“Ladies and gentleman, I know that man! That Doctor on high! And I know that he has done this deed a thousand times. But not once, no, sir, not once, not ever, has he ever been thanked. But no more, for I say to you on this Christmas Morn, bravo, sir!”